not all humans are born equal, some are born to become more
shill was such a child, though sickly, cute as all the children are
first when shill got their first aug, the doctor said what it was for
later no one bothered telling, when they got to fight the war
shill was proud and pretty happy, implants made them well again
and each contract brought some hardware, sponsored by UC-pay
no more coughing, no more shaking, no more breaking, boon and bane
but when shill asked all the questions, all they could was talk in vain

Are you really free? which part of you
is intellectual property?

one day shill was on the streets, many people were that day
people were quite angry, UC-pay took all their rights away
everyone was wearing colors, only shill wore just the same
as their fellow wage slave colleagues, uniforms of UC-pay
shill could understand their anger, all the crimes filled quite a list
when the shooting order came, shill tried really to resist
but their arm was autonomous, lifts the gun, aim assist
if shill had shot on their own, maybe bullets would have missed

shill was full of shock and fear, because their body had obeyed
and they could not sleep, until the augs refused to stay awake
nightmare followed nightmare, until they woke up just at eight
and the dreams had made it clear, the feeling of control was fake
one solution came up quickly, and they did not hesitate
pull the plug and load a virus, crash the hardware full of hate
when their comrades looked for shill they found some limbs from UC-pay
shill had gone though, to make sure the corporation’s debts were paid

shill’s new comrades had forgiven what their limbs had done that day
with their new-found family, shill could make the wrongs okay
and each bombing, every sabotage gave them some justice back
still there are more children with more questions born at UC-pay
sometimes shill wakes up at night and feels what’s missing in their limbs
shill had never been complete, we all are missing tiny things
but there is a feeling, that only desertation brings
and there is the hope, that in the end only this feeling wins

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