das_synthikat in english

We are two cyberpunks who try to make the best out of this dystopia – rebellious DIY music. The songs on this page are in english, you can find all the others at our discography.


We like to make music about life in today’s and tomorrow’s cyberpunk dystopia:

In _ocean a cyberspace junkie gets lost in virtual reality; until some day their meatspace body is stolen.

_deserter tells the story of a cyborg who works as a security force of UC Pay. One day they learn what it means that parts of their body are owned by the corporation.

In _puzzle, a commune living on a houseboat tries to get along – how can imperfect people make it through apocalypse together?

_infected is a song about being careless on the Internet – and getting your device hacked by revolutionaries.

_miley talks about punk gatekeeping – who is rebel enough to be a punk? Well, Miley Cyrus is more punk than we are, clearly.

_sk8rNB is a parody on Avril Lavigne’s sk8er boi, in which we break up and Phant becomes very famous as a result.

In _womanhood we criticize how gatekeepers try to police who deserves feminity and who doesn’t.

And _dream imagines what it will feel like to wake up after the pandemic has passed – or when capitalism is finally over.

If you don’t like it, just change it until you do: because art should be free, available to everyone, and changeable, this album is available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0), including the lyrics.

Also, finally pay everyone an Unconditional Basic Income so artists can make the art they want without having to worry about making money.

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