On a little houseboat near the coast of dying britain,
Alan hopes he finds a quiet home
After data robbery you better stay well hidden
So he joined a travelling commune
Conny’s busy cooking, as the others would leave over
all the vegetables she fished out of the trash
Conny’s pissed because she’s not a cook, she is a rover
she’d rather leave the oven for the dash
Quinn is really trying hard to make her feel esteemed
So they tell a story ‚bout their troubled past
Quinn can’t bring themself to say out loud how much it means
to them, that people treat them well without being asked
Fortunately there’s one language everybody speaks
Why live in a commune, if you can’t be a little gay
So Conny feels appreciated well enough at least
Alan wonders if he will fit in, some day

Few days later Alan knows each corner of the vessel
and remembers everybody’s name
Alan never was the person to avoid a hassle
but now he learns some new rules of the game
Once a day the boat commune is sitting in a circle
Debates between Quinn and him are flawed
Though he means it well and really doesn’t want to hurt them
He only knows the pronouns he was taught
Ria sits by silently, she prefers to listen
The others here already speak too much
To keep her tongue in check is something she has learned in prison
at least she also learned to curse in dutch
When everybody’s gone, Quinn needs to vent their anger
That Alan doesn’t know yet to behave
Ria isn’t happy, cause she heard what Conny gave them, but
her anger is a mood she likes to save

When Ria goes to bed, Conny is already drowsing
And Ria doesn’t want to make a fuss
Half asleep, Conny murmurs how she loves their housing
Ria answers with a silent cuss
Early in the morning, Conny tells her all about
her Tête-à-tête with Quinn the other night
Conny doesn’t realize, until Ria storms out,
for jealous eyes this isn’t a good sight
On Deck Ria finds Alan, who cleans the dirty railing
and asks her „What is bugging you today?
The thing with Quinn and Conny, I thought you two were sailing
So why she doesn’t keep this Quinn at bay?“
Ria screams against the wind, with a driving rage
Until she throws her hands up in the air
„I don’t want to keep her, if it would be one more cage,
I guess it will just never feel quite fair!“

One day the last satellite, finally fell down the sky
Heaven knows what angel it had crossed
People think „the end is nigh“, the boat commune just wonders why,
they only know their connection is lost
Quinn and Ria think about how they could get their signal back
They don’t get information anymore
Conny is complaining all day, that she needs the internet
So Quinn proposes leeching from the shore
„If you would just stop leeching on to my relationship!“
Ria’s snarling and leaving the room
The boat is not so big, and it’s not easy to get over it
The deck is the best place to fret and fume
There comes Alan to comfort her, she needs someone to nuzzle
„You don’t feel like you fitting in their norms?
We all are broken pieces and we still like to play puzzle
What doesn’t fit here, will not be conformed.“

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