How much do I need to suffer for my womanhood?
How much do I need to bleed, to deserve it?
Do you need to raise a child or is abortion enough?
After menopause I surely have it!
Is a real real woman sensitive or tough?
Does a real real woman like it soft or rough?
Is it just feeling, or do I need to feel hurt?
Does womanhood feel better – undeserved or earned?

I ask you, what is the price for my womanhood?
How much do I need to pay until the debt is good?
Is there a pink tax on my existence?
How much mascara and lipstick buy a conscience?
If I sell my body hair to the highest bidder?
Can you afford this surgery or are you a quitter?
Other women pay so much for their shells
Tough competition – femininity sells

What do I need to steal to earn my womanhood?
I don’t want to pay the price, even if I could!
Who owns this quest item? is there some way I can cheat?
Do you wanna be my personal robyn hood?
Let’s hijack the tax man of patriarchy
I don’t care if some gatekeeper gets snarky
womanhood will be our final coup
It’s not like I’m taking it away from any of you…

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